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Industrial design that actually works

Product Image Singles : Flathead Screwdriver

Singles : Flathead Screwdriver


Beauty, all by itself. The STRELKA screwdriver singles.

More than one adjustment, and more than one failure; it took us more than 1,000 trials to craft out our ideal screwdrivers.

Inspired by the lines and design of the wooden tools in the 18
th century, we carefully drew out our screwdrivers. The shape of the tools isn’t a means to showcase our craftsmanship; rather, we just want to transform simple objects in our lives – screwdrivers can also be different.

tip: stainless steel
handle: aluminum 

proudly designed and manufactured in Taiwan

To celebrate the launch of STREKA's international webstore, we have teamed up with Santa's reindeers to offer free international shipping! That's right, all shipping (even to the North Pole) will be free. 

Original Shipping Costs:
for a single screwdriver: $15US
for a ToolBook: $40US

*Please note that all orders will be shipped from Taiwan and please allow 7 - 10 business days to reach the US/Canada and Europe.