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Industrial design that actually works


STRELKA, Russian for “little arrow”, is also the name for one of the first Russian Space Dogs in the 1960s. STRELKA went into space with Sputnik 5 and returned safely. It is an important milestone for the Soviet Space Program during the space race era. This adventurous spirit is what our brand, STRELKA, wants to present as our core concept.

Beakers, droppers, and coloring; everything seems so simple.  We use scientific methodologies to create a color project for STRELKA and use this to be the core element connecting STRELKA’s brand concepts.

In our eyes, colors and STRELKA shouldn’t be limited. As a result, in STRELKA’s color chart, we allow colors to be limitless, which simultaneously signify the infinite possibilities of our brand. In the world of STRELKA, we hope every color has its own unique expression, language and attitude. Every design performance, every concept development, and every color application should all be filled with adventurous personality to realize all possibilities.

Transformed from Tangible Industrial Co., Ltd. which was established in 1986 as a punch press processing plant, STRELKA is notjust a brand of adventure, but also provides a platform of endless possibilities where designers and consumers communicate.

STRELKA is about: taking adventures, realizing our true selves, thriving for perfection, and a new prospect in design.

Using scientific approaches with the concept of timeline, every journey is a mission as we complete our projects and LAUNCH TO INFINITY!

For more information, please visit STRELKA's official website.